Human Ocean

by July 29, 2008 0 comments

The sea is in my ear
it calls me
waves of telepathy surge
and ebb wildly
seeking me
to run
run from the baking concrete
that I’m pressed against
I know when I hear the briny whispering
I’m free, I’m free, I’m free
wild symphonies of the seas
come into my ear
drowning out the city traffic
sickly birds
and the clicking of heals and hearts
on the street
the allegro pulls me under
my eyes close
to steady myself
wet in my ear
on a dry hot raspy day
I’m always looking up
from the bottom of
a water-less ocean
deep in trenches of buildings that
I wish I could swim to the top of
on the crusty baked human ocean floor
it calls me to run on the body of it’s beaches
and feel the salty wind on my sun streaked cheeks
the edges of the world
send sunsets
to beckon me
and let my feet pound the wet sand
while an earth heart beat fills my soul
I can feel it calling me
whole and beautiful
filling the emptiness
with healing vibrations
carried from my heart with my blood
I see the air around me small and desperate
shaking me awake from a hot afternoon lucid dream
even if this is cliché
when no more waves crash
and I’m watching the smoggy traffic
just trying to stay hydrated
I know one day
for one year
morning sunrises
I will run across the breaking tide
I will cast my mirrors
call the circle
and welcome my ancestors
giving and receiving
loved, pure, and whole

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