Hey, Walt!

by July 17, 2008 0 comments

Main Street Disneyland
Technicolor cartoon fairytale perfection
Evil always thwarted, endings always happy
The streets were clean
The French Quarter more festive than Bourbon Street
It was wholesome
Those darkies clappin’ spoons and tap dancin’
With wide ivory smiles
“Thank You, Mr. Disney!” they’d say
It made our white hearts proud

But now the streets are filled with trash
The paints jobs bleached and peeling
Bird shit on the fence rails
Cracked glass windows
What happened, Walt?

You promised us every Sunday night
How perfect it would be
But now look!
Cigarette butts, rancid beer piss reeking from
The back corners of Frontierland
And no more darkies
Or buffoon sergeants Garcia cumerbunds
For Zorro’s white “Z”
To make us feel our whitest best
No savage Indians in feather dress
And so much trash

No more the impression, the empty deception
That perfection is perpetually sustainable
Only the rolling balls of paper and waste
Cuz’ there just no one left

No jive-boy
“We’ll white wash’em tasteful
so we can devour ‘em”
Under privileged
Gratefully tap dancin’ darkies
To sweep up

– MH Clay © 2008

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