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The Deep Ellum of my day
was something else-
an indispensable lesson
of self-discovery and history.
But, even more so in the day
of great ones who were
inspired and moved
in the streets and alleys
of Commerce, and Canton.
The clever deviants,
writing guerilla poetry
before I was less than a whisper
in my grandmother’s
If asked to censor themselves,
they would have spit
in your face;
the fluid of an artist
offended by censorship.
Indigent bohemians
punk rock angels
banding together, poet gypsies,
working behind the counter
of Inwood Theatre
so they could eat
and see free films.
Minds Clouded by the legacy
of insanity
24-hour candy flippers
day before and after trippers
in Deep Ellum Live, woman
with a shaved head and
four braids coming from
her neckline.
Inauspicious female
my fifteen-year-old self
tossed about
in the middle of a mosh pit
at a bad religion concert.
My first time out all night
first girl scout cookie shot
Texas inkblot…
Yeah man, those guys
would have read this poem
naked at the top of their lungs
covered in vomit
tripping their balls off
or better…
As much as I would like that,
it is not their time anymore,
and I’m too old for this shit.
All I want to do is write a poem.
Rules in a
no rules game?
Double standard
double Entendre
echoing voices of lost generations.
Because our roles models,
are dead, dying
or worse…
Sold out,
that can’t be what happens
when you break
What’s this game about?
Are you telling me I have to
change my story to fit your family?
Oh, happy little life we lead
successful expendable incomes
then they breed.
Expecting art to become childproof?
Collective expense experience
collateral damage in the minefield nightmares
of Picasso dreams.
How ignorant
sheltered bigots
can’t stand to stain
those pretty white
in $500,000 coffins.
Are you telling me that
as long as I stay behind
the register, take your money, and
not open my mouth,
or interrupt your cell phone
during our transaction;
you will look through
that plate glass and smile as you take your
ticket to the show?

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