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The young father and son run along the pristine beach,
stopping at times to taste the turquoise ocean &

to play within the magical kingdom of holy water,

splashing and anointing each other &
dancing through the rising waves

that reach up toward the majestic sky.

It is a perfect dog day afternoon and later,
Father and son will lie on the sprawling sand,

feasting on love and baking in the brutal gentle sun.

To end the day, they rush off to Mallory Square in Key West
Florida to watch the miraculous sunset.

A perfect day, indeed. But it is Yesterday, decades ago.

Today, the old young man rushes slowly through the labyrinth of
his soul and tries to recapture that precious day. He meanders through

the surreal landscape.

Yet he can’t find his son. Of course, the dead can’t speak to us. Can they?
He hears a distant voice whisper:

“I love you, Daddy!”

Silently, he screams: “Hello, son.”
With his boy nestled in his soul, he saunters off to

Mallory Square to watch a golden sunset.

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