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In Spanish
the Cuban man
stated he was Korean,
and then laughed.

He claimed it
was New Year’s Eve
Nineteen-Forty Four and
laughed harder.

I am four
plus four thousand
years of age, he said, in
his rapid speech.

He kissed a
peer, who kissed him
back, each peer diagnosed
as Bipolar.

He had not
showered or changed
his clothing in weeks. Still,
Don Juan found

words of love
and romance to
entice female patients
to a kiss from

his unwashed
mouth. The doctors,
nurses and other female
staff did not

fall for his
words, intrusive
behavior, or poor

In public
he would stroke his
unwashed member, laughing,
and hearing

the voices
in his head. The
hypersexual man went
by Don Juan.

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