Deconstructing Pettiness

by July 9, 2008 0 comments

When they knock you down
And step on you
Say those things that demean
And deflate
Do those things that undermine
Upset your self-confidence
Whack a hole in your sails

You think of them
With skin peeled back
To expose a puny brain
An undersized heart
Yeah, when they’re exposed
Their duplicity and arrogance
Will be made plain to all

That’s the way it should be
Make them see themselves
Maybe then they’ll learn

It never works that way
They step on us, from me to you
To higher planes
Near the top
Making their plans
That don’t include us
Behind and forgotten

Aw, shit!
This is maudlin
And morose

I see the same thing
In my mirror sometimes

‘Til I walk around a bit
In everyone else’s shoes
Listen to their stories

Even those assholes have their fears

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