Death of a Beautician

They came from all over the
Neighborhood, piling inside for
One last look.
A final farewell.

Goodbye to the one with the diamond
Smile, and pious soul whose delicate
Hands molded their destinies
The day before they met it.

Prom night.
Graduation day.
That job interview that kicked off
Their careers.
The night at the club where they met
Their husbands.

Or the point in their lives when
Nothing seemed to go right. When
They were about to lose whatever
Kind of hope they were clinging
On to.

And they ran to her.
And their hearts were all screaming
The same thing.

“I just wanna feel beautiful.”

She saw within what they
Couldn’t see in themselves.
She saw them as the queens they are.

Yes, they all came to see
Her, and in exactly the
Way she wanted them to be.

Flawless, from head to toe.

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