At First Sight

by on July 6, 2008 :: 0 comments

You are a jazz masterpiece to me.
With your instruments playing
In different rhythms, tempos
And notes with each step.
Feeding my soul through sight.

Your hips of percussion keep
Me lusting. Snare drum and
Cymbals shake and quiver with
Each thumping of your bass drum
Moving left, right, left, right.

Your legs are the bass lines
Round, thick, holding the piece
Together. Stroking my thoughts,
Teasing with crescendo marches,
Stunning allegro frolics, hypnotic
Bridges wrapping around my ears
As I listen to the climax.

Your breasts sing the chorus
Of brass. Your nipples are
Like mouthpieces. Powerful
Sound blasts through my mentals
Tongue dancing behind soft melody
Living vicariously through peripheral
Vision. Horns lead a bouncing tempo
With precision.

The wind caresses your hair
Like ivory keys playing a scale.
Subtle, but radiant. And I
Listen every morning, but as the
Distance grows, I squint my eyes
To keep the music from fading.

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