1 A.M.

I’m waking up at 1 a.m.
I needed to take a piss
Really bad after drinking
Four cans of 16 oz Red Dogs
And the rest of my
Seagram’s Raspberry Twisted Gin.

I wake up to the sounds
Of central AC, and a light
Tremble from the ceiling.

I know it all too well.
In a way,

Apparently, my neighbor upstairs
Was getting her fuck-on. A very
Lovely woman. Very petite
Blond Hispanic woman with three kids.

I’ve waved to her for about
A year-and-a-half. Don’t
Know much about her. Except
She speaks very little English –
If at all,

And until tonight I’ve never
Heard this rhythmic tremble
From her place.

Normally, I would find this
Entertaining. I did with the
Lovely couple that lived there
Before her.

Now I sit with Odysseus rowing
Toward death and despair as The Beast
Keeps us in rhythm with the drum
Of melancholy.

She found herself someone.
The loneliness we’ve both shared
Is no more.

I shed tears of heartbreak
As I move to the couch.

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