I like to take walks,
but I never leave
the house because I’m
deadly afraid of
dogs. I had a bad
incident with a
dog from hell once. It
bit me on my butt.
I have not left the
house since. For twenty
years I’ve looked outside
my window looking
for that dog from hell.
I fear it’s waiting
for me. I have no
scar or bite mark left,
but sometimes when I
sit down I feel a
little pain. I take
Motrin all the time.
I lost all my friends
because of my fear
of the dog from hell.
Sometimes when I feel
brave, I walk out in
the backyard and I
water the lawn. I
run inside when I
sense the dog from hell
is near. I don’t run
as fast as I used
to, not since that
dog from hell bit me.

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