No, I just don’t want to talk to you.
You just want to get rid of me
Because I am a free spirit.

Jewish people don’t want me to
Stay in their hospital. They come
Into my room and make me leave.

I sing my hymns and I pray like
I was taught in my church. I do
Not have to listen to doctors.

I am not underage. I am
Pregnant. I am an adult. I
Have had sex. Thorazine will be

The death of my baby and me.
I don’t have schizophrenia.
Because there is no such thing. I

Don’t like the bitch, slut, ho, who is
My foster mom. Because of her
I am in this place. She used to

Punch me in the face and force me
To take pills since I was a child.
I bet she gave me crack cocaine.

I’m sensitive. I am of sound
Mind and body. Only when I
Don’t take medications am I

Ever in wonderland. I tell you
Schizophrenia doesn’t exist.
I have a master’s degree in

Everything. I know every song
From my church. I sing them aloud
As possible so God can hear.

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