I don’t want to stay here
another day.  I think
I deserve a chance to
live in a place where I
could have more freedom.  I
have done everything they
ask me to do here.  I
go to the groups and take
the medications.  I
don’t hurt anyone and
I don’t hurt myself.  I
feel like I am being
punished, victimized for
my past life.  I miss my
parents.  I know I can’t
live with them anymore
because they are old and
ill. I hope my mother
still remembers me.  My
sister and brother-in-
law won’t let me live with
them.  They want me locked up.
They don’t think I could make
it on the outside.  But
I feel so lonely here.
The first thing I’m going
to do when I get out of
here is get me a bus
pass and go to the beach.
I need to meet people
and start my life over.

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