He sniffs his own feces and urine.
He claims it gets him higher
than crack, speed, or PCP.
He concocts this malodorous drug
in the restroom inside a cup
half-full of rubbing alcohol.

I thought he was strange when he said he
was hooked on instant coffee
with sugar and cream packets.
But hearing about human waste used
as a means to get high is
something I had not heard before.

It was reported there have been more
than one explosion as
the drug splatters in his room.
His roommates come out gagging for air.
The Group Homes have crossed him off
of their placement lists forever.

The doctors give him other drugs which
he is convinced is poison.
He would rather drink urine.
He would rather sniff his own waste to
self-medicate, to get high from
the most malodorous drug.

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