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I am able
to take care of
myself. Are you
kidding me? The
doctor is a
wacko. Why does
he think I can’t
function in this
world? He does
not know as much
as he thinks. His
is pure poison.
I have lived my
entire life drug
free. His cocaine
will not cure me.
Well, he says it’s
not cocaine, but
what else could it
be? I lose my
balance when I
take his pills. I
spend all day in
the bathroom just
sitting in the
can because of
his cocaine or
whatever name
they give to his
poison. I want
to go back home.
I promise you
I did not set
any fires or
have rotten food
and roaches in
my home. Someone
must have broken
in and did all
that bad stuff. My
neighbors don’t like
me. I’m sure they
are behind this.
I did not do
anything wrong.

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