U.S. Golden Rule Prayer

by on March 28, 2008 :: 0 comments

Dear lord grant us
five hundred pound bombs
and laser guided missiles
dropping from the sky
upon our neighborhoods.

Grant us midnight rendition
commando teams stealing
our local leaders.

Grant us electroshock treatment
and water boarding.

Grant us sleep deprivation
and hunger.

Grant us occupiers who ignore
the Geneva Convention on a whim,
on an order from the administration.

Grant us roadside fanatics
who destroy each others’ churches.

Grant us foreign soldiers on our streets
who kill indescrimently whenever
gang members harm anyone.

Grant us predator drones
above our cities and towns
and hell fire missiles
launched remotely from a man
peering endless hours into a TV screen.

Grant us IEDs and market place
truck bombs.

Grant us collateral damage:
childen’s body parts on street corners,
weddings showed by gunship fire,
families gunned down by checkpoints

Grant us an economy in ruins
and the graft and greed and corruption
of foreign companies.

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