We think you may recognize our featured visual artist’s latest batch of mad photos because there’s nothing quite like what William Zuback brings. Either way, whether you’ve seen his work before or not, you’re sure in for a treat! Looking at Zuback’s visionary work almost instantly plants you in some other world – one with with naked, tattooed bodies that you’d find in the deep, dreamy crevices of your imagination. There’s no doubt Zuback’s photography is dark – but all the while, there is something so wonderfully whimsical that we have trouble breaking our gaze. Something about his work leaves us feeling like it may be a different experience for everyone, though, and THAT’s what we here at Mad Swirl love about Zuback’s work the most. It’s intangible and inscrutable with just a hint absolute madness. That’s just our opinion, we’ll leave the verdict up to your interpretation and imagination. – Madelyn Olson

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Trust — William Zuback