If the name of our newest featured artist rings a bell it may be because he is no stranger to our lil Swirl. (He also has no affiliation with the American basketball player and shoe salesman/evangelist who happens to share his name… as far as we know). We bring you Chuck Taylor, Poet, Writer AND Photographer! Chuck recently presented us some visual treats, so specially flavored that they need to be shared. Though the subjects in Taylor’s photographs can at times seem simple – a mailbox, some railing, feet on pavement – they don’t make us feel very simple by looking at them. If anything, the nature of his photos – the contrast of light and dark, hard and soft – stirs up something more, something deeper – and there’s nothing simple about it. We’ve got a feeling that’s just what Chuck intends when he points and clicks his photographic eye, though; all we ask is that he keeps it up, we’re hungry for more already.  Are you hungry? Then get your photo feast on! ~ Madelyn Olson