Right away, I could tell Jack Miller was a funky dude – a simple glimpse at his creations could definitely tell you that in a matter of seconds. What I didn’t know, however, was how much raw and real talent this funky dude has. I don’t even know what I like more – the crazy weird concepts his works feature, or the final products, splashes of color and out-of-this-world image, that leave me mind-f**k’d when I look away, thinking…wait…what was that? Making art is hard, but making truly unique art is harder. But Miller seems to be a pro. These works you’re about to see feature some creative transformations of beginning pieces (or as he puts it, ‘ruins of failed prints started’), that Jack Miller took over…and boy, am I glad he did! Hey Jack, I have a lot of unfinished stuff, wanna draw all over those, too? Please?! – Madelyn Olson