It’s rare these days to find art that is truly unique in its’ execution – that’s no insult to artists but more an acknowledgement to the limits we’re faced when it comes to creating something brand new. That’s what excited us the most about Charles March and his curious collage collection (aptly titled ‘Rorschach Scratch Out’) – we’ve never seen anything quite like it. Charles combines the popular ‘blackout poetry’ style with found objects that at first seem completely random, until you look a little closer and find the ways in which they tie into the poetry he’s created – on what appear to be some sort of medical documents. In this way, Charles’ work is a puzzle of sorts and we commend his creativity as much as his execution. Only a mad mind like Charles’ could come up with art like this and, well, you know us Mad Swirlers just couldn’t resist it. ~ Madelyn Olson

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Bi — Charles J. March III

Kotex — Charles J. March III