Our newest featured visual artist, Dallas-based Suza Kanon, is quite the multi-talented one! But if you already know Suza you already know this. But if you don’t, surely you will know now! Suza brings us collaged mixes of dark images with sharp and scribbled words to match. These scribbles and hand-written edits serve her form quite finely too. A view at her works almost feels like we are perusing something straight out of a secret and guarded notebook that we shouldn’t be peeking through. But try as we must, we can’t look away. Something tells us this self-proclaimed ‘unrepentant scribbler’ might not mind us having a peek at what’s going on in her not-so-secret notebook. So if Suza’s opening it up to us, we’re gonna take a gander! And we think you should sneak a peek for yourself too! – madelyn olson

(click on the image to view in its entirety)