3 Friends

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BERTIE Ouija penmanship        Tread onto                     Waiting taxi. Stutters. Tealights        Fish entrails.                  Keys missing. Jiggle.                                  Quayside hubbub. ESTELLE Wiggly fang.      …

A Roman banquet

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Over 200 ravenous workers devour their lunch in the huge site canteen that looks over the tower of London and H.M.S Belfast. Bowels of steaming mashed potatoes, slabs of smoked cold sausage, Romanian tripe soup, Albanian black pudding, spicy Ethiopian curry, huge Gherkins, Shiny smoked river fish, loaves of poppy seeded bread, melted cheese and ham panini, BLT, tuna mayo, …


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We can only be what we give ourselves the power to be. Just being yourself in life can be rebellion enough. Surviving daily storms we exist and thrive. In the deep cave. We abscond. – Ken Allan Dronsfield

Some Mad Grats from our Mad Staff

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It’s not so much what we have, it’s our freedom to have it that inspires us. We here at Mad Swirl receive great art, words, and verse which we, in turn, get to share with all of you, all around the world, every day. That makes us grateful and we choose this day to say, “Thanks!” mh clay, Poetry Editor …