Too Do

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There’s way too many thoughts that come swirling in my head too fast, too high to do A string of events still not yet met lead to the next few, expanding imaginings breathing and walking and talking all on their own I become consumed by this swirling madness trying like hell to keep up with the snaking timelines too many, …


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The drive that powers Ellie’s imagination beyond the great expanse is that of a victim who can neither rid herself of a memory nor learn to sidle up next to it and hold its hand. Sometimes six-packs channel this energy into song, into a dance so wild she spills from her banks like a river filled, simultaneously, with rain and …


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Went on down to the Sound to stand around on the wharf and look up and down and wonder about the locals. Three winos dumped on the grass. An Indian barfing over the railing. A septet of tourists scarfing hotdogs, pepsi, mustard, ketchup and chopped onion at a nickel extra a crinkled paper cup. Two cops just coming up to …


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Alone, I travel in a private dreamscape to Yesterday, and enter the long, endless night, a barren wasteland and a labyrinth from which there may be no exit. I taste its sadness, inhale its miasma, the vast loneliness, my crippled soul, and exhale the eerie, silent ululations trapped inside my chaotic brainwaves. Alone, abandoned, and forgotten by humans, I travel …


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The rain came down after days of drought. W ho knew the roof would not stop the rain. It fell on books in the bookshelf, ruining some of the best books I owned. I read most of the books all the way through. Some I did not get a chance to read. The rain went through all the pages. If …

come undone09-08-08

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Nothing ever happens Anywhere Anytime Nothing at all Birds don’t sing The sun don’t shine Elephants forget Cars don’t start Bees are cut off at the knees Eyelids that never blink Flowers hang unbloomed Cats don’t scratch and claw Silent death never comes Men don’t cry Thunder doesn’t follow lightning It’s always empty in the sky All grass is brown …

Nothing Going on but The Rent

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She is happy when She is with me, so She says. She drinks. She laughs. She dances. She sings. She rants on life and I listen. She moans in passion, and I listen. And though 15 years my senior, with A certain look, or A kiss behind the ear, Will have her blushing and giggling Like a schoolgirl. And that’s …

On the Brink

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Are you ready? Get ready. Get set. … Change… is ablaze in your brain as you feel its flame spreading across synapses’ bridges on the brink of creations wonders and amazements. Change… is alive in this room you can feel its pulse driving; blood flowing through spirit on the brink of spontaneous combustion evolution revolution now. Are you ready? Get …

Point of Departure

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(CG) I knew you all Before these shadows That we now cast Could see the light That gives them Everything that we have become A story to lead us home To each Other’s Knowing embrace And tortured days Like the shadows That spoke to us When Mr. Radio Said that Ginsberg is dead That truth is a beatnik Snapping That …

Thanks to traffic

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Last night I had a hallucination the glass of my car merged with the road the rearview mirror was absolutely normal and I thought about the Russian man with no nose about the Korean woman with no nipples —so smooth!— about the pizza with no crust and I cried until someone beeped the horn.