Lasting Light

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When stars come out in dark of night they simply reappear in sight. How would they flee the light of day or to what reaches fly away? Appearances deceive indeed we’ve seen exalted truths decreed like Ptolemy’s dethroned, amen, by Galileo’s greater ken. Are ‘black holes’ what they’re said to be or something else we do not see? And what …

Without Colophon

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When mind wishes for a workout nostalgia warms up the process. Firsthand fumes are never on a collision course. Dubiety does not piggyback on them. Résumé turns into a register of regrets. It is not easy to rack up how memory preengages into a monograph: without readers. This tally needs no title page.


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I play random songs on my phone, ran dumb songs with no connection to each other, only connect shun memories that collide like heated molecules, call lied in me and to me until I cannot tell what is truth and what is not, can knot unknot the difference between joy and depression, the deep press shunning all efforts to understand, …

Don’t Have Sex

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Don’t have sex if you are lonely Don’t have sex if you are bored Don’t have sex if you are horny Don’t have sex if it’s a rebound Don’t have sex to fill the void Don’t have sex just to avoid Don’t have sex if you love him more Don’t have sex if you’re not so sure Don’t have sex …

A Woman was drawn

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towards a silver light. An oval eye. Not a door or window or portal with light beckoning from without. Shiny like new aluminum pots, or a star’s inner heart. She resisted, part of her did, the edge of wonder, the catapult of emotions flung freely from a galaxy unnamed, unnumbered. The tip of a feather. The distant onk onk of …

Besting Eve

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I try to remember why I must not eat the warm muffin in front of me (the preacher- doctor’s rules, the wellness articles saved), try to decode its suspicious calorie count, the sugar hit. I interrogate the coy barista, Is the flour processed or unrefined? The sweet mound lures me with its apple caramel perfume, its moist glow. My stomach …

It’s Not Out There

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some people hear of the strange transgressions of their neighbors and ask— how could he? or— what was she thinking? I don’t ask, anymore nobody gets what they really want if they even know what that is and it makes this a restless and lonely old world I hear it whining for its absentee master like a stray dog in …


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My poet professor friend Brought me a bag this morning With magazines in which His work appeared. I am to keep what I want And pass the rest on To others here at Golden Pines Who value The stewardship of possibility. Magazines May not be quite The proper word, Those small-press journals, Most from college towns, By which our culture …

Bootleg Therapy

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There’s too much Pressure to take. I won’t eat, so I keep losing weight I sleep way too much Cuz I won’t get outta bed. Just wanna spend my life In this room instead. Bae says get help. Get Therapy. Try my luck. Hit up Google; made a Call. $75 an hour? Da Fuck?! That little ole help is Too …

An Old Coat

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Camouflage by words I walk this corridor In a mirrored maze Where fascination threatens to overwhelm me In exploring this maternal space I search for definition Something solid to anchor my being upon But I find only invented forms Wearing this tattered coat My body is a collection of words Stretched between these edges I am lashed by alien white …