Calling me to cook!

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Revoking Evening emotions Of the horizon Where obtuse refrain, Of the light, to visualize: A thought. Burning clouds Slowly douse, Along with the sinking sun. Vista of the twilight, recast! And the greyline slowly: The vault of the Gloaming shadows, Scaffold. Beside me, On the tree; A bird is chirping. A song of the evening to sing Or waiting for …

Love Is a Respectable Mountain Resort

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My heart is quite a distance from the interstate, but it’s worth a visit for, if nothing else, it’s walkable downtown. So, set a full day aside, a weekend, if you’re able, and stroll its streets, laden with the aroma of an earthy autumn spice. We have a haberdashery through which you’re welcome to browse as well as a yarn …


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How long has it been? With neither care nor attention The grounds have now grown wild Top down Bottom up I don’t know where to begin Sitting down I contemplate Not the work That needs to be done But the beauty of the leaves Russet Gold Black speckled green They remind me of Another time One that crawls Behind this …


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The moon drops into the child’s black-and-blue arms Nestling there contentedly As the little girl bobs across her backyard Limps up the steps leading to her house And ducks into her under-the-stairs bedroom (A converted broom closet) She gently tosses the orb into the air Where it joins the stars she has collected On previous nights The closet suddenly transforms …

Mystery Babylon

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Mystery Babylon no longer a mystery, It is here right before our eyes, Dividing as it conquers, A master of power and control, Working hard at Fear and deception, Wiser than a serpent, More ferocious than a bear, It kills and steals And makes war, All while pretending to care.

The Late Train

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A bellowing of blackbirds swims the charcoal sky As we sweep through ruthless urban sprawl She gazes her socials, her reflection beaming The carriage windows become mirrors as night sets in Her eyes crave the light they missed so she asks an App when tomorrow’s sunset Planted in his ears, two white buds trickle meditative words on stillness While the …


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She came back for the third time in one day, filling her shoulder bag from the shelves just like a regular shopper, but left without paying. I tried to talk to her the second time she took stuff, told her it’s just a small store, not a corporate chain that can afford big losses, or lock up everything, but she …


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Some things are understood, But so much else is not. Doubt and ignorance Walk hand in hand With scholars and logicians. What should we do At those times when we realize How little we know And how much of what we learned Was bullshit slung at us By misguided professors? Nothing is best. Forget it all. Walk or sit in …

Bat Nuts

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demons choose your whiskey wisely distillation process two brothers caught moonlighting ~ By Marjorie Pezzoli / Christina Chin (photo by Marjorie Pezzoli)

Against the Second

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—after Michael Kleber-Diggs And why should gun violence be a Big deal to me? Well, Could be my dad’s un-regulated, Deeply misguided attempt to make a statement. He was anti-Militia, Even served as a Conscientious Objector in WWII, that fact being Forgotten the night he found it necessary Gamesmanship to Hold a fired pistol in his hand while he lay …