Ghost Girl

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confessions of love in funky kerning lilt down her chin drip between her breasts onto his face into his eyes his ears his mind body soul enamored now in her pyrite words too lost in heated frenzy of bodies entwined to notice the sting of a sinking blade until he becomes nothing more than another ghost in her collection

The View

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I’m looking at a blue sky Dotted with white clouds. I’m looking at birds Gathering on the roof ledge. I’m looking at the occasional helicopter. I’m looking at four blue walls. I’m going to be looking Out this window And at these four walls For a long time. Because I’m looking at Nine more weeks In this hospital bed. I’m …


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I dream you back, a butterfly — flit in, dance past belly, thigh, touch cheek, settle on sheet. I offer texting thumb, you float down, vibrate there, do not flee. Maybe you’ve changed, will stay, vacuum, massage me, clean the sink. You sleep. I grab phone, snap photos, store your rainbowed slumber — an Instagram treat, red, lilac, gold, green. …


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I pulled down your past and watched it ooze onto the floor, spreading like hot jelly, exposing your footsteps and soul. You asked to look at mine since it was only right and would make it better between us. Mine was airy and light like crepe batter. The death of your mother and the loss of my job at the …

Dinner-menu poem

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The restaurant was called Nalukettu I went there in a dream Wonder how many would remember that old scene The dwarapalikas were alive and dancing And the table was set for one As if just for me They put before me the traditional customary plantain leaf And brought first a pair of fish eyes For starters, for good luck Matsya …

Danse Macabre

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We’ve been here since the dawn of time, And here we shall always be; But when the lips of dancing phantoms move And you hear no sound in the crazy night, When the desperate dance To the rhythm of their false hope, You know you’re alone. When the freak disturbingly appears Wherever you go he looks at you, And you …

Rat Solstice

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A viral mist flooded the blood of the human world and the vascular walls of bodies thinned out. The senses atrophied and breath drifted toward its own drowning. An elongated time settled into the tedium and the fear. The architecture of alphabets collapsed dismembered by misinterpretation. Mental constructions fell apart. Meanwhile, empty phrases and indentured thoughts swirled in the electronic …

Family Tales

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The last few years were strange. I don’t remember seeing her in anything but a flannel nightgown. Always in bed, reading, or on the way there. Slowly, with many fits and starts her reality was flaying away thinning the border between here and what she lived in dream. Everything took on the shine of the unreal, dream crowding in to …