Kung Fu Fighting

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I have become sixty years old, but I still have this prevalent vision before my eyes, which is neither impressive nor sublime to the censorious inhabitants of my home-town: I see myself on the dance floor, rhythmically interacting to Kung Fu Fighting as I did when I was fourteen, touring Alexandria and frequenting one particular nightclub, where I imbibed solid …


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I was born with a sadness And I carried it within Through the years of my aging, Learning and forgetting: Songs and their meaning, Culled stories, people in rain. I was born like this and I’ll die Just like this; all of my longing And my raging; things That occur, only disappear The absence of meaning, This futile fading; Relearning, …

Laundry Day

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As i wait to swap loads i miss the laundromat with its green tile floors and the dreamy faces of the beautiful girls wearing headphones their eyes closed subtly they would nod to a secret song that takes them away from the laundromat until the dryer runs out of time – Jonathan S Baker


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Like veiled whispers, fallen leaves cast dry shadows along gray stillness. Autumn’s desertion… Nature’s pattern of decay dangles in cycles. Love me, love me not… To be, or not to have been… Possibilities? Stagnant hope shreds outlook I miss our conversations our ghostlike laughter. Just one syllable? My window is wide open… Why not catch the breeze? Scattered, crumbling leaves …

Oreo Cookies

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His father loved sports cars driving fast In the end he had a white Porsche spider Like James Dean was driving when he died His dad liked to take his son up into the mountains Driving the twisting roads of the Cascades Closer to the sun with every winding switchback Sometimes they’d go to the Pacific Speeding through pine forests …


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Winter is cold. The sky is blue. The year ends. Certain as short square fingers stuffing pipes the self-assurance to be ripped apart like linoleum covers of bus seats with cushions pneumatic with nylon sponge. The smoky soul chooses a double decker coconut shies memories of Coney Island and verdigris upon a copper torch that tests the colour of each …

what I’m good at

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no money no talent no guardian angel but an eighty-year-old table saw and a pile of used lumber no guru no savior no life ever after but a rip cut and a cross cut and a scrap of cheap cold cuts in the belly and a thing for using up time because that’s what I’m good at no friends no …


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Who would write that line? Someone who had a soul? Someone who wanted to hurt his soul? What would cause you to hurt your soul? Do we know what souls look like? Does a soul have hands? Does a soul have nails with cuticles you can shove toothpicks under? Can the mind shove toothpicks? Do souls scream? What pain’s deeper? …

The Ways of All Wild Things

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Trust the ways Of all wild things And animals The path that lava water takes to sea Trust the unseen mystery Phone calls never answered Letters, never sent Chances never taken Dice never thrown Rivers never waded slowly turn to legend Mountain tremor nizzle wonder saxophone Sunset on the Rio Grande, alone How many million lives have prayed, up here …


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black headlines the aroma of ink and paper the rush of shoes over stained sidewalks a heavy coated man runs by a couple pause holding hands a dog dragging its leash weaves through the crowd today’s news, tonight a welcome blanket for the homeless