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Today there is only silence, birdsong, the feathered sounds of souls slipping from life. She gathers things to heal: the morning’s meadowsweet upheaval of peach blossoms bursting into fireworks, a branch of oak-gnarled grief, shards of ruby from a shattered heart. As the edge of sanity descends into flame, she pours holy water from a hollow log. Holding sprays of …


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Yesterday is a gingerbread soaked and slurped in syrup, made livelier in a spread of marshmallow dollops; that pockmarked raisins pester with sour questions, and stomp off to gossip in mock-parlour sessions. Meanwhile each new day dithers, waits and wallows. Mornings that crumble breadcrumbs over shallows, become misty-eyed and clueless evenings of tuneless swallows, that peck and grovel at the …

The Joys of Serf Culture

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On the back of a rhinoceros the countess rides out to inspect her lands, all shopping malls and nail salons dripping with sweat from somebody’s brow unseen and unknown; the pizza parlor flips out pies like UFOs into the atmosphere, flying free across America like crows or vultures covered in red sauce and cheese, flapping broad wings and circling the …

After Twilight

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Check out how much stain this drier sheet caught. If entropy had a color, it would be gray-blue. I consider pristine white fiber. Peaceful softness Before being scoured of its fluffy edges. Becoming dirty on the way to becoming clean I want to believe there’s science here That I am not second-hand victim to the patricians’ savvy; To my own …


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I had remained silent during the interview, so they put me in a cell: a couple of hours later the custody officer made his rounds: he was a father to a friend of mine and he asked me how I was and if I was hungry: he got me a hot-meal and coffee: a few hours later, I was questioned …

Our Sun

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Our sun rises and we still cannot rise up raised in poverty and realized that’s a blessing We taught to walk barefoot with a laughter face We embraced our heartless enemies constantly We adopted suicide risks, depressions, insomnia to our sensitive spirit who we flooded with our tears The shirtless man and his pregnant wife are sleeping on the mud …


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I August 19 The sea beckons this morning, blue and rippling, but the beach, when I arrive, is not inviting. Sand washed away in a storm left gullies lined with rocks collecting mats of seaweed. At shoreline, a shape sways back and forth in the tide, the color of a rock but not a rock, large, heavy, soft, swollen beyond …

My Private Tutor’s Crows

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We know the sky functions like the eye of the galaxy that has tiny specks of planets moving near its cornea because the universe is one-eyed like my second private tutor in high school and he liked the Hitchcock movie- The Birds, with subtitles and he often looked at the crows in Van Gogh’s Wheatfield with a magnifying glass to …

All There Was

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A moment in time Brought me to a place, Where beauty shined Its light, Illuminating everything, And blending all into one. No longer any division, Between myself and everything. No longer was there This, or that, But all was all in all. Love was not a concept, Love is all there was.

Milton was murdered.

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Lately it seems All is lost, all is found All at the same time If healing is necessary Ask the Traiteur for help No payment needed Milton wishes to hold her closer “She is light on water to me,” he says.