Along the Outlaw Trail

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Strewn loonily enough above, below, beside me, words, messages undone or up too tight, lie in thrall. Shadowland imposters preach monotonously, windswept egos are poised above insecurities, advocating their conjunction of letters, syllables, drained of innocent proposal, purpose, balanced on wishes, presumptions, parabolic emotional curves and abject, untutored devotion. Great stories intertwine with great jokes, the best of them, sudden, …

Lob, Lobe…

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Those sounding waves, years traveled light are spokesmen for the nation’s state. I say more often masculine, most alpha lead, some girl allure, on screen, pass billboard, TV slot. So in control of people’s ear – eustachian tube and beaten drum – and if repeated time enough as drip feed washes over brain – sought after words gain loudest cheer. …

Tiptoe Through Talk

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Loud blabbermouths spout unkind things without e’en meaning to And you would do well not to take it all to heart. Compulsive talkers talk their heads off till they strain fatigue you But they themselves stay fresh lark-chirpy playing their part. Beware the one that tries to win you over willy-nilly Going on as though his honour’s at stake And …

Little People

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For fucks sake stop ragging on us little people that don’t cut your paychecks if I did I’d cut them short you get to work every day past 9am a lazy slacker who doesn’t give a shit about their job I’ve worked to pay my route there’s no other way McDonald’s 7-11 Dunkin’ Donuts I cleaned waited tables I got …


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My mind is full of nothing It hurts to think when lonely The sand likes to take my footprints And the sea drinks them oblivious To my sense of being annihilated By the beauty of rushing water. Sea, my solace harbors dreams Dreams of lands that it strokes like Lovers softly touch the beloved The waves wrap rocks and hesitate …

1st Ave., Silver Spring 2004

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That year cicadas found us in Silver Spring, the concrete island where we stood marooned, the closest we ever came to the swimming city. I don’t remember the thrumming amid horns honking and bulky men hawking strawberries from their red truck. I remember bugs flying past the few trees, all with sharp leaves, through June’s thick air, past the abortion …


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I’m a Fiat roof rack I’m the bicycle lacquered in red lights I’m the afterthought after the period drops. I’m dizzy with it all and too sleepy to wait til Christmas. Let days be days— they’ve been overlooking my permission for ages. – Josie Rozell

Lyreen River : Summer 1980

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The water is eternity. A reddened evening soothes to its calm, from stones spread like speech in the mouth of innocence – in the glittered noise of future voice. The water is eternity – we, by default – its adjutants – John Doyle

I am still cooking

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Don’t know! What is missing? In this gastronomy. I am not satisfied yet Unable to pin down. What is lacking? Dead silence! The owl is hooting. Silver rain of vigil moon is: Illuminating the dark. Peeping from The sky. Oh! I forgot! It’s the time of poetry. It’s the time of beauty To the taste of solitude and Ornamented spice …

Burning Ants

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I was immoral. You used to rod my soft legs. I’m older now. My eyes at your door this morning: you locked me out with the other strays, the don’t-belongs without homes. Your face shaded and turned up the stairs. You once splayed my hand over your stove so I would choose Heaven, dragged me outside, bone against bone— uncurled, …