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There are no origins When did it begin? When Sterne painted a black door? When was Frank Lloyd Wright born? With the Bauhaus? When video killed the radio star? When Lyotard wrote The Post-modern Condition? When rodeos ended? When Rodgers Hammerstein yielded to Holland-Dozier-Holland? Where does it end? With Lana del Rey worshipping John Wayne and Marilyn Monroe? Nothing has …


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maybe i shouldn’t walk on it— it might ruin the comfortable look— of the room!


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The phone-in on my radio this morning Leaves me feeling nothing but cold Angry Frustrated, and Certain that this country will get hit by Another bout of virus-related deaths As Idiots call in speaking of their need To visit internet cafes And tennis courts because, they claim, ‘I know i’m addicted.’ When hundreds, sometimes 1000s, Die Every single day, are …


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River runs riot round bends, twists turn naturally moving through centuries paths laid down taking debris and shite, its own course, its own voice life within death of sorrowful sonnets laid at feet of null and void. No matter how many times you push, plunge control flow carve out preconceived gullies choose a course you think it should do, river …

In Disgracing

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In disgracing any rank, namely, all hoary tosh Proffered by silent peers revealed as stillborn, Devoid of organic wisdom, lacking any class Of goodness, whether petal or leaf, bud, even Branch, boldly, I choose duplicity over bland Confluence. Dubious insights soften cogency.


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It is a loop. We suffer from rage and Being impressed with ourselves And so expand our chests, expand Our chimeral wealth, expand Our tribal reach and so commit Unspeakable violence, sing Of self, discord and domination. Then we defeat ourselves, look back, See we have accomplished nothing, Push forward our sincere regrets. We redefine wealth, offer homage To humility, …


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The couple fought. One set of parents shook their heads. The other threw up their arms. The best man got drunk, didn’t show. The maid of honor was off somewhere proving she was neither maid nor honorable. As a wedding rehearsal, it was a total failure. As a marriage rehearsal, it got everything right.


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Love happens, it cannot be explained, it’s realized in many different ways. They say love at any age is a delight, but rules of the game have changed; it may not be walking hand in hand, in a park or on a beach of cushy sand. Love used to be a face to face thing, now it’s become a virtual …


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The local honey laces my smoothie, creates a thought: I wonder which flowers I am tasting? So much happens outside my window, time and space of the occurrences a mystery – imagination fills in the spaces. Back in the yard, bees now buzz Autumn Joys, for the poplar’s tulips already left their sky garden – they pepper the perennial beds. …

Jesus, Oregon

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Hotel coffee creamer trails back to ignition, before beachside dovetail into the Oregonian horror story. Sea trees listen to lying minds and American radio repeats, plumpest gulls in flight widen circles around rainbow kites that will never cross oceans with that many strings attached straight as lined paper above sand dollars and beached bright crab meat. The end creeps in …