The Late Train

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A bellowing of blackbirds swims the charcoal sky As we sweep through ruthless urban sprawl She gazes her socials, her reflection beaming The carriage windows become mirrors as night sets in Her eyes crave the light they missed so she asks an App when tomorrow’s sunset Planted in his ears, two white buds trickle meditative words on stillness While the …


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She came back for the third time in one day, filling her shoulder bag from the shelves just like a regular shopper, but left without paying. I tried to talk to her the second time she took stuff, told her it’s just a small store, not a corporate chain that can afford big losses, or lock up everything, but she …


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Some things are understood, But so much else is not. Doubt and ignorance Walk hand in hand With scholars and logicians. What should we do At those times when we realize How little we know And how much of what we learned Was bullshit slung at us By misguided professors? Nothing is best. Forget it all. Walk or sit in …

Bat Nuts

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demons choose your whiskey wisely distillation process two brothers caught moonlighting ~ By Marjorie Pezzoli / Christina Chin (photo by Marjorie Pezzoli)

Against the Second

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—after Michael Kleber-Diggs And why should gun violence be a Big deal to me? Well, Could be my dad’s un-regulated, Deeply misguided attempt to make a statement. He was anti-Militia, Even served as a Conscientious Objector in WWII, that fact being Forgotten the night he found it necessary Gamesmanship to Hold a fired pistol in his hand while he lay …

that ben hur life

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the interstate chariot race an empty competition but there is no salvation in beating a gps no horseshit just roadkill if you’re lucky you may find white jesus waving an american flag calling racers to pit o that ben hur life me, I prefer green corn acres eye high deep in july red winged blackbirds watch over two lanes watch …

Ms. Kay

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The soul is nothing more than love, limitless, endless… Amy Tan, The Hundred Secret Senses Hope can surprise you, It can survive the odds against it… She is a coloring Aztec and Afro That always has a pixie smile Some inner joke perhaps about Those who have the most Who foolishly think they have better Who will inherit the earth …

Always Carol

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Under the weight of her tangled gray hair Always Carol walks alone bent and spent, lugging a concrete bag with discounted fruit and a few necessaries chained to her shoes. She shuffles along like Always Carol always does, towards home where tall weeds and memories sit gathering dust in volumes until 2:15 when the omni-bus screams down JFK BLVD exhausting …


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It has been some time since a woman, Naked beneath the thin blanket she Was wrapped in, appeared at my apartment Door. Back then, I suspected She had been locked out and wanted To use my phone – but I was Hoping there would be a more Entangling mission within her. Now that it has happened again I am thinking …

On our first date, she talks about her trauma

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and she says, “You’re not saying anything” and I tell her I’ve said a hundred things, maybe a thousand words since we sat down here in this bar where everything is blood-red pitch-black and we’re stuffed into chairs for kindergarteners and she says, “Tell me something interesting” and I think of all of the facts stuffed in my skull, how …