Vacillating-Feelings Song to Ambiguity Written Somewhere on a Rocky Coast

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Punctuate the be with a question’s mark in a room with a rug pace-worn and thinning at its fibrous and tufted middle. The writing bounces between clefs as the tune’s orchestrated dithering is imagined at once clarinet, serene oboe, tympanic thunder rippling against a lyric’s thin walls. Failure of the vocative, tired metaphor, passion’s metonymy the stuff of wallpaper at …

I Am Nothing

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but an old man you pass by without looking you turn your nose up the smell no, I haven’t bathed in three days what the hell for you gonna ask me out on a date my wife she won’t mind she a handful of ashes dead now I forget how many years I forget her voice when she whispered in …


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Such a small bed Such a bad hotel Flashback Neon sign Flashing Fifteen dollars No breakfast Cheap rate One dollar Twenty minutes And not a minute more Not pretty Not cool Not quiet The only pictures – My private collection A black and white trail Of late-night prints Hard lines And soft curves High contrast Monotone Baby Baby I move …

False in False

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False in false, false. False on false, false. Thus, false, false, and false Falsities falsified Little laugh at my sums Day is day Night is night Where day is real Quite glaring Night is false Call a spade; a spade So, bamboozle me not, wrecker; with your wry sums Amidst quizzical glares That a stone today Could gather seventy by …

All the World’s an ATM

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More laughter, more jokes, more fun and games— Ouija trips lightly on her board, waltzing tra la la from consonant to consonant; a few vowels drop in from time to time, silly words and phrases bouncing off her tip: Free lollypops in shops! How to choose the right cruise! Scientific study links fast weight loss to party drinks! Painlessly remove …

Immediate Code Seven: Adam Smith

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He despises the tubes. Their linear necessity he has often questioned during the rest capacity mode when the pain is the greatest. He is suspect. Trust is programmed out during the early schedules yet the brain storage spacer is never filled. The feeling compares to a denial tech pic scraping the enamel mouth cavity spikes. He rips the tubes from …

Three Haiku: Sale, Lucky, Gnats

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THE SALE this huge house I love …this relic of a small past …away and gone now *** LUCKY GUY I was luckiest when things fell apart. The world baked like dough to bread *** GNATS gnats swarm in the sun the day is itchy rotten the apple stinks too much

She had a zoot suit smile

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Envying my mom in her mirror liquor in a crystal glass cigs in an ornate tray Liquid makeup pressed powder rouge lips copper Tabu™ Baby, fix me a bourbon and coke I sip a taste of dizzying joy


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A dozen dead deer lie alongside the highway from Rigby to Panguitch, my husband tells me, but when I turn my head all I see is bare ground. A lone whitetail doe watches our oldest son pump gas from the post office lawn in a tiny town in Oregon. You’re sure it wasn’t a horse you saw? the attendant asks. …


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You said, watch for the dirt road off the highway a mile or so past the gas station and before you get to the big red barn. The road has no name, you added, but take it. And keep going, mile after mile, long beyond the point where you feel as if you’re not getting anyplace. Best turn off the …