Note of Gratitude to the Mad Ones : 03.06.24

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This past 1st Wednesday of March (aka 03.06.24) Mad Swirl Open Mic whirl’d up the Swirl at our OC home, Barbara’s Pavillion, getting the Mad mic opened for ALL you Mad ones out there!

This month we featured the Poets & Writers who are featured in our anthology The Best of Mad Swirl : v2023:

Johnny Olson
MH Clay
Marianne Szlyk
Christopher Calle
Marie Higgins
Tony Robinson*
Ryan Quinn Flanagan
Hem Raj Bastola*

(*read by hosts)

Special thanks to those who supported the Mad cause & got themselves a copy of “The Best of Mad Swirl : v2023”. Get yours HERE!

Grats to ALL the participators & appreciators who rode the Mad wave live at Barbara’s:

Johnny O
MH Clay

Musical Overture:
Swirve (Chris & Tamitha Curiel, Gerard Bendiks)

Open Mic:
Opalina Salas
Alan Gann
Harry McNabb
Carlos Salas
Elliot Hill
Christopher Calle
Josh Weir
Elliot Hill
Dick Zinnendorf

We know you have a choices of what to do with your Wednesday night & thrilled you picked lil ol’ us to hang out with!

Stay tuned ’til next 1st Wednesday (aka 03.06.24) when we will be featuring the dynamic duo, Opalina & Carlos Salas!… ’til then, may the madness swirl your way!

Johnny O

P.S. In case you missed the LIVE feed, your eye can spy on the whole virtual Swirl’n scenes right here…

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