A Mad Stance : The War in Ukraine

by on April 22, 2022 :: 0 comments

There is no question that personal politics influence what poets write. Here at Mad Swirl, we present many political points of view, while not specifically espousing one over another. We love the poetry, prose and art of personal expression, leaving the politics for the reader to parse and agree or disagree. Many voices speak in this Swirl.

However, the situation in Ukraine demands a firm stance. Our media present political POVs for this atrocity; the Russians are justly liberating an oppressed people in Ukraine or the people of Ukraine are being unjustly oppressed by the Russians. We don’t see room for a political stance when innocent civilians are clearly being evicted, incarcerated, or killed. Some things are just plain wrong!

Here is a poetical voice, DMYTRO CHYSTIAK, speaking directly from Ukraine about this situation. We encourage you to read his poems (along with an introduction by our own Contributing Poet and Mad Gallery Artist, Bill Wolak) and share this link with everyone you know…

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