New Featured Artist : Bill Wolak

by on December 3, 2021 :: 0 comments
Alone at Last with the Sky

Alone at Last with the Sky – Bill Wolak

Mad Swirl welcomes back a favorite of ours, Bill Wolak. Ever since his first feature in 2015, we’ve been able to watch his art shift, expand and grow in really amazing ways and we’re thrilled with what he’s brought us this time around. His art is like an erotic fever dream and we find it simultaneously nice to look and unsettling and unusual to take in – some of them even feel more surreal the longer you look at them. Nevertheless, they all manage to make perfect sense, somehow, in some magical way that only a mad mind like Wolak’s can convey. Art that can be both sexy and weird is something that we admire at Mad Swirl and Wolak makes it look easy. Suffice it to say, we’re lifelong fans. ~ Madelyn Olson

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