New Featured Artist : Tony Gentry

by November 5, 2021 2 comments

Mad Swirl is pleased to once again welcome Tony Gentry back to the Mad Gallery with some of his chilling black and white photographs. This collection consists of photos he took along the trail near a correctional facility in Virginia, where he lives. And even without knowing that, you can just kind of… tell. The photos are simple yet haunting, seemingly rich with stories to tell. Tony has a talent for capturing nature in all its dilapidated, chaotic glory and making it look still, calm and deeply peaceful all at the same, almost as if the trees, leaves and old buildings stopped what they were doing just to pose for his camera. ~ Madelyn Olson

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    Ginger Smith

    Thank you for featuring Tony Gentry — in the many realms of his talent: photography, poetry, short stories…. He is brilliant (and, no, we aren’t related)! Just ordered your recently published “Best of…” Ginger Smith

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