New Featured Artist : Sufia Khatoon

by on June 19, 2020 :: 0 comments

DreamingSufia Khatoon

Mad Swirl is proud to welcome our newest featured visual artist, Sufia Khatoon, all the way from Kolkata, India, with work that transcends physical location with the universal emotion it emits. Sufia’s works are inspired from anxiety, loneliness, sadness and stress that every human being has had their fair share of. In that way, her work contains a message that all of us can understand – a chaotic and yet calm, flowing display of feeling and truth. All of her work features figures that seem to be in the throes of such feeling with eyes closed or otherwise somber expressions painted on their faces. In the beautiful way that art manages to say so much in saying so little, Khatoon’s art really captured our attention and forced us to ponder for a moment about the beautiful yet complicated nature of being alive. ~ Madelyn Olson

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