New Featured Artist : Darrell Black

by May 16, 2020 0 comments

Mad Swirl welcomes Darrell Black, our newest visual artist all the way from Frankfurt, Germany (via Brooklyn) with some mixed media that he defines as ‘Definism’ art or: an optical sort of illusion portraying the vast and complicated nature of the human experience. If the definition of Definism alone doesn’t definitely tell you that Darrell was destined for the Mad Swirl visual feature spot, I don’t know what will. With work fascinatingly colorful, simple and yet strangely complex, rich with emotions that are so very human, Black displays his unique perspective of the world around him that also somehow mirrors mine, and maybe yours too, and isn’t that what makes good art great? Creating something personal yet universal? Unique yet so deeply relatable? We’ll let you take a definitive look and decide for yourself!  ~ Madelyn Olson

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