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“What we play is life.”

Louis Armstrong

••• The Mad Gallery •••

This Misfit ~Tyler Malone

To see ALL of Tyler‘s poignantly poetic photos, as well as our other featured artists (45 total!), visit our Mad Gallery!

••• The Poetry Forum •••

This last week on Mad Swirl’s Poetry Forumwe marked the moon with a lotus bloom; we recalled no kinder toward self reminder; we saw the appeal of a heart-shaped meal; we sported talk of robot walk; we claimed consternation over erstwhile hydration; we were distracted over being refracted; we wound life’s wend with a start at the end. Our words are toys, used to make sense out of white noise. ~ MH Clay

Deathbed : A Custom Tour from Everafter by Steven Minchin

This one will start before you begin
with a twisting insanity and sleep
right next to near
near knowing what you mean

The white noise middle is starting
floating here with so many
while the bright assassin’s still
safeguarding our dormant beginning

His saline born slug waits
as we deepen a groove
already set in rest
rest on a yesterday

A clear channel coast unseen
with a twisting insanity and sleep
he packs his joyous gun for travel
throttles our first dark epiphany

Shot wild now across everything
a flashback thrust at eternity
so we can rise and savor
savor ending as the dream

August 3, 2019

editors note: Endings to beginnings to white noise in between; not so dark after all. – mh clay

Collision by Bhargab Chatterjee

A flight for a special agendum
is convened. The sky is cut
into two pieces through referendum.

of the electorate
are superfluously organic.

“I am” is diagonally refracted
through the thick glass of being
and falls on the green algae


collisions neither sink nor swim.

Here I feel,
“I am alone in this white street lined with gardens.”

August 2, 2019

editors note: Existential dodge ball, “I am” or not. – mh clay

The word not said after 4 dry weeks by Dan Raphael

I knew the drain brain strain
the sssiss of tires on wet streets
the highway seems half volume or twice as far
wading birds, fishing birds, birds that can drink a gallon at a time
eyes like aquariums, ponds of something thicker than water
with the busiest possible complexion

If I let my hands out in it they might not want to come in
till they lost all sense of direction and body temp
a sky so thick it begins to show cracks, loss of cohesion
even in times of surplus there’s no fair distribution

Do I dry my hair or my feet first,
these rare days my arm pits stay dry
times when looking up is losing focus, increased risk
no matter how regular the surface,
times when the smoothest are the biggest threat
not a time for dancing shoes, breathable shoes, exposed socks

When our driveway becomes lake country
when people move quickly with tunnel vision
mornings I’m unsure where I am or how I got here

August 1, 2019

editors note: In a drought dither; hair or feet, no matter. Hydrate when you can. – mh clay

ok march one by J.D. Nelson

sports talk in the background

wood & water
wood & water

welding classes coming soon

none beginning nine
to pineapple

a walk in the fog tonight
a good walk for robots

July 31, 2019

editors note: From the action to the time, when is your fruit? – mh clay

plucking the moon by Abdulrahman M Abu-Yaman

for you,
I will pluck the moon
down to earth
and scrape it’s craters
in the kitchen with graters
to erase it’s flaws. I’d cut
the revised lunar version into
tit-bits configured like the
shape of your heart, steam
them using a
19th century bordeaux and served
in a silver dish

when you’re done dining, i
needn’t declare you the
queen of the night, for the
globe shall feel glittering
gleams emit from the
edifice of our domicile

July 30, 2019

editors note: Here’s the best home cooking. Bon appetit! – mh clay

I Had a Girl Ask Me to Marry Her After a Month by Ron Riekki

I could imagine her going to the dentist and saying, “You wanna do a coronary bypass on me today?”

Or her going to the zoo and asking the workers if they wanted to open up all the gates.

Or her going to a tattoo artist and saying, “Cover my entire back. With whatever you want. I trust you.”

I’m not somebody you marry. Hell, I’m not even somebody you hire. If you don’t believe me, just ask the long list of my previous job interviewers. They all looked at me and said, “I would not marry you.”

My parents’ dog loves me though, so that’s pretty awesome. She licks my face and I run to the bathroom yelling, “Gross!”

I used to do security at a town dump where people could take or leave anything they wanted. It was next to a skiing area called Suicide Hill. True story.

As an EMT, I transported a woman who said she was a vampire. I thought she might try to bite me, so I didn’t take her blood pressure. We took her to a psych ward. When I went inside, I whispered to the nurse that the patient thinks she’s a vampire and the nurse said, “Then let’s get her to bed before the sun comes up.”

The best girl I ever got to sleep with was one who wouldn’t have sex with me. We just slept. But she was really good at it. She was warm and soft and smelled like dice.

I watched the entire first season of Breaking Bad alone in the office where I worked in China. The boss said I could use the company’s DVD player. The only problem was that the office was supposed to be haunted, so it created all this extra tension to the show. I’d press pause sometimes and listen, worried that I’d heard something that was sneaking up to kill me. Then I’d go back to watching the teacher destroy his life. It reminded me of me.

July 29, 2019

editors note: The best answer to the question,”Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” …still as me (I hope). – mh clay

Lotus in a crescent moon by Hem Raj Bastola

Dawn rings
The bell of light.
In every day break,
Riding seven horses of the sun
The disc of heaven
Came out from the east.
Glittering in the waters
Of Ganga.

Here the water is not clean anymore.
Here the soul is not clean anymore.
Here the nature is not clean anymore.
The world of material greed:
Destroying the value, of spirit!
Value, of nature.

And I envision
Terror struck in a dream:
Land shake, slide and churn,
With big waves, like the fountain flush
Jumping high and resting low,
As the cataract.

Tectonic forces,
Overlap the plates and swap.
Like in the hands of a waiter.
This change in nature, inviting Shiva!
The universal, preparing to perform
His cosmic dance of death.

Here, my despondent
And salubrious appeal
To stop the end and to irradiate
The peace.

Infuriated sky,
Thundering to open: the veins of spring.
When will echo the smile
Of the earth again?

In order to acclaim the peace,
Fertile seeds of my brain,
Musing to plant the lotus
In the crescent moon.

July 28, 2019

editors note: A little horticulture; seasonal blooms to irradiate the peace. Yes! – mh clay

••• Short Stories •••

This week’s Need-a-Read feed comes to us from longtime Contributing Writer & Poet, Gayle Bell!

Here’s what Short Story Editor Tyler Malone has to say about this pick of the week story, Aint It Like:

“Just another massive night when life finds ways to fly, crash, then rise to lift it all again to the skies with the taste of dance and dirt in its teeth”

(photo “After Party”  by Tyler Malone)

Stop your scrollin’ & get to readin’ Gayle’s tale “Aint It Like” right here!

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