Featured Artist : Tyler Malone

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Stuck to You, Hanging on For MeTyler Malone

Mad Swirl warmly welcomes the photography of our very own Short Story Editor Tyler Malone – though this batch of photos might not be described as ‘warm’… With a stark, deeply saturated and shadowed focus on animals, Malone elicits feeling within us – and he’s subtle with it. What that feeling is… well, that’s a little harder to pinpoint. Something like deep reflection, focus, and maybe a little bit of fear. Something like connection, like looking at the subjects faces and thinking ‘I get you,’ even though they’re a giraffe and you’re a human. It goes without saying that it takes a special kind of mind to evoke deep emotion simply in the way they capture the world. We at Mad Swirl think Tyler has that kind of mind… but that probably goes without saying, too. ~ Madelyn Olson

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