New Featured Artist : Chuck Hatton

by February 27, 2019 0 comments

Mad Swirl is excited to welcome artist Chuck Hatton to our mad stage. The Dallas-based illustrator has immense talent (this much is obvious) but there is something to say for the artists who bravely go above and beyond to use their platform to share their voice, to make a statement, and to inspire important and much needed conversations – all the while making you laugh. With satirical renditions, such as the infamous Donald Tr*mp as the ‘hamberderler’, holding a plate of McDonalds burgers (‘over 8,000 lies sold!’) alongside Putin dolled up as Ronny himself, we here at Mad Swirl must admit that we whole-heartedly are pickin’ up what Hatton is putting down! We feel that Chuck’s illustrational talents and political savvy will get your undivided attention and probably spark some conversation (and at the very least, a laugh?) as we absolutely believe it should. ~ Madelyn Olson

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