20 Years of Madness & Still Swirl’n

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t’was 20 years ago today that Mad Swirl began to whirl our way! Yep, a full score ago, our creative outlet, Mad Swirl, was born! I still can’t believe we’ve been swirlin’ together since way back in 1999. Who woulda thunk that an idea to start a small local zine would have evolved into the worldwide presence that it is today? Not me! But here we are…

Thru the years we’ve been going in but never outta style. We always strive to raise a smile and that’s why we’ve been here all the while. So may I introduce to you, the Mad staffers you’ve known for all these years?

The Mad Swirl Staffers today: Ty Malone, MH Clay, Cheyenne Gallion, Johnny Olson & Madelyn Olson (not pictured, Mike Fiorito)

HUGE GRATS to all the Mad Staffers, MH Clay (Poetry Ed), Ty Malone (Short Story Ed), Madelyn Olson (Visual Ed) & Mike Fiorito (Associate Ed)… for all you’ve done to raise and love on our creative love-child! (separate but equal shout-outs to former Mad Staffers/Co-Founders Cheyenne Gallion & Lisa Carmen too for helping plant those mad seeds all those moons ago)

Today, in 2019, we are still goin’ & growin’ & flowin’ to bounds unknowin’ & we’ll keep shufflin’ after because the ones for us have been, & always will be, the Mad Ones!

Here’s & cheers to another 20!

Mad Love,

Johnny Olson
(Chief Ed & Founder)

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