The Best of Mad Swirl : 12.01.18

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“I read a poem every night, as others read a prayer.”

Tahar Ben Jelloun

••• The Mad Gallery •••

And So – Sharon O’Callaghan Shero

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••• The Poetry Forum •••

This last week on Mad Swirl’s Poetry Forum we savored some sin at a red light inn; we bit back the peel of heart at rest; we tongued a tingled tentacle stick; we slurped a sleeper’s shoulder lick; we failed a sweet temptation test; we swamped our senses, butterfly born from life’s pretenses; we birthed a king from a sardine thing. We roll back lid, expose id; a story in every tin. ~ MH Clay


Starving, I wolf down many layered sardines
bathed in olive oil.

The King’s picture is on the papery cover
that rattles invitingly to my touch.

King Oscar would protect you from every threat
imaginable. Hordes of barbarians, with

Spears aloft. Floods on mountain-sides
that seek to squoosh us alive.

Thunderbolts of Zeus that
would sizzle our skin.

Such a hero is the King.
Broad shoulders with

Epaulets like ship

Moustaches that sweep downward
A full beard like a roaring furnace.

He is our man.
The Good King Oscar.

December 1, 2018

editors note: Sardine salvation. Stock up for the apocalypse! (Canned ekphrasis? Uncanny! – check it out here.) – mh clay

The perception of life by Devika Mathur

the way I close my eyes is a seduction.
a clementine red prayer to my body,
with dark clouds. a sleepless child humming.
a black spot spinning in the sky, apparitions of liquid monotony.
it churns the limbs inside
with a mouth of lust.

there is a dark room with closed fists,
fists that shimmer red pain. Inside my mind of a blank page.
a white pure kiss hanging,
like a loop foreheads murmuring a word.

a seizure. a dream. I close my eyes, I see myself floating
alone in the lanes of words, a reverie of mists.
Flowers bloom inside my mouth. Knuckles of painted red nostrils.

This land is pious for I am unknown to myself.
I sneeze like a ghost
with my hands saying my uncanny dreams.
a concoction of love and death.
it’s here, speeding like a wasp.
we walk like ghosts,
sip and drink,
the arching thunders of time,
slipping softly.
hush and be quiet now. Be your own butterfly.

November 30, 2018

editors note: Which bring life? The perceptions or the words? – mh clay

Splatter Reel by Isaiah Vianese

I’m done with Desire,
that midnight menace,

but here he comes again
in his skin-tight tank top.

Even when I run,
he’s around every corner,

swallowing my screams,
mouth on mine,

his masked face
obscuring the stars.

November 29, 2018

editors note: We cry “Victim!” as we open the wine. – mh clay

Predator by Jada Yee

Diagnosed with narcolepsy
at the age of a spinning ceiling fan.

Only a matter of time before
it wraps a wing around this defenseless coffee cup.

An ethereal mouth and winter-thimbled
tongue startling open mouths and bare shoulders.

November 28, 2018

editors note: Sweet somnambulist, slurp to incite shut-eye. – mh clay

“Tentacles” by John Dorroh

Tentacles can be such a dirty word,
devious, circuitous to a degree, buried in such
a cunning connotation that says more than
what you may want to hear.

Say it out loud with me,
then say it out loud to yourself 7 times.
Don’t you think it sounds a bit dirty?
If I tell you over and over like the proverbial
diamond needle stuck in a scratched groove
on an antiquated black vinyl album,
you will know it is dirty, and you will avoid it on the streets.
Tentacles, tentacles, gonna-grab-you-with-my-nasty-tentacles,
leave big sucker whelps all over your neck, back, and upper legs.
Go look in the mirror
and tell me that I wasn’t serious.

November 27, 2018

editors note: Some suckers for such succor, say, “Stick’em!” – mh clay

Please. by Ted E.F. Roberts

Bite the skin of my words,
Peel back each sentence and
Taste what my heart would say.
Let us know each other
Intimately (but not well).
I was tired of loving
So unrequitedly –
But I’m well rested now.

November 26, 2018

editors note: To be recognized, received; so worth the pain of exposure. – mh clay

Sheridan Red Light by Kevin Rabas

Amber and I worshiped
each other’s hills
and ridges under the rosy
Sheridan hotel sign light
that came in her apt. window
KC nights. She lived
in Poet’s Corner, and I brought
her sonnets, verse –
and she cooked us chalky chicken
and poured white wine
into gold-rimmed glasses,
which we took great care
not to spill on her white white carpet
even when, on the floor,
we pushed the plates and table

November 25, 2018

editors note: When decorum permits the sacrifice of decor. – mh clay

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