New Featured Artist : Dan Rodriguez

by on September 20, 2018 :: 0 comments

Mad Swirl is mighty proud to feature photographer, Dan Rodriguez. Dan has been a big part of our Swirl world for years, capturing the swirlin’ scene at our monthly open mic (see hundreds of his open mic pics here). What we never knew was that Dan started out as a medical photographer. Now it all makes sense… his shots are so precise and perfectly captured that you can almost see the scientific mind behind the magic! Breaking the mold from his usual badass open mic photos with this collection, we see divine diversity in his subjects. Whether it’s as big as a city, small as a bug, light as a feather or deep as a canyon, each of Dan’s photographs are captured with the same thoughtful focus. In that way, Dan allows us to see the beauty in all – big and small – that we might’ve otherwise missed. With that said, you do NOT want to miss a single shot of Dan’s featured collection. Get you an eyeful NOW~ Madelyn Olson

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