Notes of Gratitude to the Mad Ones : 05.02.18

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This past 1st Wednesday of May (aka 05.02.18) Mad Swirl​ stirred it up again! As always, we opened the mic up to all you mad poets, performers, artists and musicians and, as always, all y’all swirled up a mighty fine night!

Here’s a shout out to all who graced us with your words, your songs, your divine madness…

Mad Swirl Open Mic: 05.02.18

(click to start the slideshow : photos courtesy of Dan “the MAN!” Rodriguez)


Johnny O
MH Clay



Mad Mic Cast:

Johnny O
MH Clay
Tamitha Curiel
Carlos Salas
Opalina Salas
Chris Zimmerly
David Crandall
Victory Peaches
James Barrett
Christopher Calle
B. Randall
Jack Ritter
Suza Kanon

GREAT BIG thanks to Swirve (Chris Curiel​ ~ trumpet; Gerard Beniks ~ Skins; special guest Greg Prickett ~ guitar) for stirring the Swirl the best way in the world!

More HUGE thanks to City Tavern​’s Thad Kuiper & Noble Tse for makin’ our stay most righteous. HUGEST grats to friend & proprietor of the Tavern, Josh Florence!

And lastly, but never leastly, thanks to all who came out to the Tavern & shared this loving, laughing, lasting night of poetry and music with us!

May the madness swirl your way! ’til next 1st Wednesday…

Mad Love,

Johnny O

P.S. In case you missed the LIVE feed, it’s not too late to be a fly on the wall. Check it out in all its LIVE glory right here…

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