Madelyn Olson is Back in the Mad Gallery

by March 29, 2018 0 comments

smiling while she cried – Madelyn Olson

Mad Swirl is proud to once again feature the colorfully disturbing and beautiful works of our Visual Editor, Madelyn Olson. If the name is familiar maybe it’s because you’ve seen Madelyn’s name from her editorial comments right here in this very land of the Mad Gallery. Others might know her as the emerging and prolific artist. As for me, I know her as my daughter, my friend, my inspiration. Please indulge me for a moment while I brag on my kiddo because that’s what papa’s like me do!

From her first strokes of crayon purposefully drawn outside the lines of her coloring books all those years ago, it was plain to see Madelyn’s divine artistic shine. Today, we still find her creeping outside the lines except now those lines she purposely crosses sit somewheres between angelic and depraved. Her cast of diverse characters, with swimming glimmering eyes and twisted limbs disjointed and amputated, carry a message that cannot be denied. Madelyn’s portraits unapologetically express the rawness of a reality that’s on a twisted parallel of our own. What some of these quixotic subjects have to say may not be what you want to hear but you just cannot help yourself from wanting to eavesdrop.

But don’t take my biased word about Madelyn’s works. After all, I’m her papa and we’ve been known to brag on our kiddos. Go have a peek for yourself and tell me I’m not spot-on with my review of Madelyn Olson’s latest canvases. Go on now, I dare ya ~ Johnny Olson

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