New Featured Artist : Norman Olson

by on July 3, 2016 :: 0 comments

Mad Swirl’s newest featured artist is just what you would expect for us to love – a multi-talented madman! But Norman Olson brings a lot more than what one might expect from with his inky illustrations. With his almost comic-book styled drawings, we can’t help but feel he’s telling a story here – one of those stories where you’re still piecing together all the details days later, trying to figure out what the hell that even meant. With a mix of trees limbs, human limbs, strange faces and patterns, Olson’s pieces come off messy yet calculated, disorderly and yet completely composed. Take a look and see for yourself – is Norman Olson aware of what he’s creating? Or are these mystifying works more or less creating themselves? Either way, there’s an unshakeable feeling that they needed to be seen, that they have a tale to tell. ~ madelyn olson

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