Mad Press : The Swirliverse Expands

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In 1999, a Big Bang in the Swirl took place in a living room in Dallas. Three creative catalysts conspired to do something crazy; start a creative platform for artists of every ilk to place their work. These elemental individuals; Johnny O, Cheyenne Gallion and Lisa Carmen, published the first zine under the name of – Mad Swirl.

Since that singular event, Mad Swirl has expanded into zines, an open mic, this web site, festival participation and special events (we call’em Swirl-Ups). Our rate of expansion continues to include more mad poets, artists and authors every month; with plans to move into publishing and other media in the year ahead.

This month, American Way Magazine has published an article about Mad Swirl in Texas and the Blackwater Poetry Festival in Ireland. Check it out: Poets Across The Water

We are ever grateful to the Mad participants who made this possible; Gayle Reaves-King (journalist and poet), Gene Barry (Blackwater Festival Founder/Chairman and poet) and Brendan McCormack (poet); all of whom are Contributing Poets on Mad Swirl’s Poetry Forum. It’s this kind of synergy that makes our Swirliverse expand!

Jump in – make a splash – create a stir. Let this Swirliverse expand to include you.

“…we’re all mad here.”

– mh clay

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