KJ Hannah Greenberg, Contributor Congratulations!

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Here’s an editorial shout out to our Contributing Poet, KJ Hannah Greenberg – Congratulations!

Good news on your new collection of essays, published this month by Tailwinds Press, Word Citizen: Uncommon Thoughts on Motherhood, Writing, and Life in Jerusalem.

We have enjoyed her poetry here on Mad Swirl’s Poetry Forum since 2011. But, we didn’t know just how prolific she is as a writer in all genre’s. The folks at Tailwinds Press have written an engaging review about this recent publication with more about her that we didn’t know:

Her mind-boggling panorama of careers (and identities) includes “a human communications and sociology professor, a science writer and editor, a tone-deaf oboist, an herbalist, a ghost writer of psychology and sociology college texts, a high school chemistry and geometry teacher, a basket weaver, a student of marital arts, an amateur landscape architect, an editor of technical papers (on literal brain science), a budding ceramicist, and an avid avoider of horrors such as PTA meetings and carpool duties.”

Read the entire review with links to how you can get your own copy of Word Citizen: Uncommon Thoughts on Motherhood, Writing, and Life in Jerusalem on Tailwinds’ site.

Once again, we congratulate KJ Hannah Greenberg! Keep up the great writing!


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