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by June 12, 2015 5 comments

Greetings, Swirlers!

MH again; still hanging out in Rotterdam at Poetry International Festival 2015. <hanging out is a poor choice; better to say, diving in>

A grand experience, these last three days; full expectations for more great poetry and poets to come. This is a fine gathering to be; creative synapses are being disconnected, challenged to realign in different ways. A great opportunity to hear new voices and new ideas.

All of the poets reading here are unique and remarkable; to get all the festival details, check their site:

Some of the poets to note:

  • Lionel Fogarty; an Australian Aboriginal poet with an important message he offers in an engaging way. We’ll see some of his work on Mad Swirl soon.
  • Yanko Gonzales; we mentioned him in our last post. He has a great energy in his presentation with lucid satirical comment on the world he observes. Enjoyed meeting him.
  • Barbara Kohler; a German poet who plays with multi-lingual associations placed in novel sequences to communicate her ideas. She has great wit. We enjoyed speaking with her about her approach. Some of her poetry has been translated into English; we’ll work to bring some of her poems to the Swirl, too.

There are so many others; read about them on the site.

The Festival invited Kenneth Goldsmith to read. He arrived on Thursday afternoon to share his concepts and read some of his works of Conceptual Writing. Most may be familiar with recent news on him (Google /Kenneth Goldsmith, Michael Brown for the story). However, his reading and talk were of and about his art and his observations on the richness of language; so rich, in fact, we don’t need to add any more of it to the colossal, mad mix of language already available in our internet ether – appropriate, rearrange; change context to say something new. Wow! Look out hat, head just got a little bigger.

Read some of Mr. Goldsmith’s works; look for Soliloquy, Fidget, Traffic. He’s leading us in new directions; alarming and intriguing. Check him out to see what we mean.

Special thanks and recognition to Festival Director & CEO, Bas Kwakman and his entire Poetry International Festival Rotterdam team for a thoughtfully designed, professionally managed Festival. Special thanks to Jonas, Lucia, Rosa, Felina, Natalie for their gracious help and camaraderie. And to Web Director, Mia Yu for a great conversation on the task of identifying and presenting significant creative voices to a world audience.

OK, this mad happening has two more days to go. We are selfishly concluding this post here so we can dive back into the rest of it, swim around in it; realize we have yet to learn to swim. Loving the pool time here…

New building blocks need new ways to stack’em!

Your erstwhile-explorer, always-editor and friend,


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  1. Derrick Gaskin

    I would imagine you mind is buzzing – so many poets, so many poems. Absorbing all that is difficult for anyone. I’ve always found that something entirely different like that leaves the mind in a mental fog and it is only later that the original experience starts to lay a foundation to build on. I’m sure some memorable words will come out of this – and from what you have already posted they will be terrific.

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