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for a very long time
i wanted to have a dictionary of synonymous words
simple reason – i want to know more
and it offers you an opportunity to speak just like you’re castin’ a spell

and so
few days ago
i visit a bookshop
and while wandering there
i see the book i wanted for so long:
Caravanskiy’s Practical Dictionary of Synonyms,
Fourth Edition.

And so i take this book
and go to the salesgirl

and she looks just like i feel:
– pencil skirt
– BJ-specs
– no bra
(but i saw the book called “Bra” near her)
And she smiles to me A LOT
in different manners:
– mock smile, shy smile, grateful smile, playful smile
and this famous enigmatic smirk
– she smiles so much – you can draw a study of smiling from her

– she has this strange presence
you know – something in her style that shows me
– there must be a Pulp song in the air

so i give her the book –
and she says:
“one moment, i’ll go to the backroom and look for another copy…”
She goes there
and resumes the conversation:

“…You know,
years ago –
when i was in high school –
i hated dictionaries
and always tried to tear them to pieces
and then kindly reassemble them into something more pleasant to me
you know – chaos reigns”

and i say “yeah, i know that”

and she laughs and returns from the backroom with another copy
and continues talking while holding the book before me:

“you know –
i still think
they make you go in circles
instead of moving forward –
i know it’s not my business
but i can have a certain kind of influence on your vocabulary experience…”

And so she takes a bottle with a blow-gun
and perfumes the book with some dizzy flavor

And then she gives it to me and says “Have fun”
indeed i have – A LOT –
I can’t flip a page without smelling it
and gettin’ really dizzy.

BUT i think it’s all right.

Now reading this dictionary is like diving
You need to hold your breath
You have a very limited amount of time
And you need to stay very focused –
You need to get to the point – period.

And somehow she knew i needed it.
I guess she got it just by looking in my eyes.

Another tremendous achievement of the kindness of strangers.
A weird manifestation of concern and care.

editors note:

Here’s to the joy of continuing education – and book shop smilesĀ (We welcome Volodymyr to our crazy confab of Contributing Poets with this submission. Read more of his madness on his new page – check it out.) – mh clay


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fit of idle bout of trifle doubt:

Dizzy blows
“Soul Kiss” “High on a cloud”…

ears perambulate
a long way
plodding stirs of stout tangs…

what kind of condolence adjourned to get an everlasting poke?

editors note:

Something’s burning here more than my ears; it’s the pull of the poke. – mh


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in the middle
of the shoe shower
dressed in smock.
(why? been busy
and unwilling to miss the thing)

it was
Withdrawal of a smog
(her whiffet of the stuff)
– been too long and boring mostly –
booted crossly
by ’em all

and so
With rebound backwash of the organ and the Monkees
She stared fascinated
She saw the smoke.
And got the beat of it too firmly

Her woe of smooch
was way too smooth for smother
She smouldered then
and turned into the smudge.

editors note:

From smock to smudge, sense is made from Monkees and cross bootings. – mh