dusk dying…

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dusk dying etherized,
do dooryards doubt?

Do Do do do
dress drop drown
downed drains?

growing hair hair hair hair!) hair
— half-deserted Hamlet hands
make marmalade, and matter matter;
if impossible

out overwhelming overwhelming oyster-shells:
peacefully! peach?
question question, question…

singing skirts – sky’s
pillow-pillow pinch,
Slipped smile,
jaw meaningless
motion motion;
twinkle tide

So so so so


Murmur music
“mountain mountains mountains mountains mountains
mountains mountains mountains mountains, mouth”

brown brown brown brown
But But But But But But But But But but but BY
cicada’s chuckle
la la la la

editors note:

“Partially constructed out of and written around my and my wife’s attempts to memorize Eliot’s Prufrock and spell it like a tonguetwister. Pretty much a bunch of mondegreens strung together into a cohesive narrative” Yes! – mh clay


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as a backwards propellant
rather awkwardly.

“flash”: kinkle, twist.
– “gloom”,

shudder: tears teeter
scrawling bore…,

– poke out of nowhere:

– lip plop:
flap-flap, wink-wink:

spiteful stare exasperated
– tossed aside…

– caught piercing blow of air:
eyes thud.

sense of warp –
Shepard tone kettle whistle
– meanders, halts….

refulgent luminous points in the sky
mesmerize and dazzle…

editors note:

Adept deflection; change the subject, change a mind… – mh clay

never thought you can…

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never thought you can wear a hat like that
it is perplexing to say the least
that tinglin’… mysterious
– ’cause you only got an indigo sky quake malaise
creeping on the surface from the inside
and an alligator heart beat
and that skull skull sax feather
and that crossbones lightning glimpse in your eyes


and you can pour me that
what i knew was blue
and the sun comes up fencing rays against my chest…

– Smooch…

you got to hold on

take me into my shoulder
by this song so hard
cold lonely bit busted
but you’re a trombone hammer gone away
been crude before
and now it is not
but sad shriek doubts wind…

hold on

Rainbow again
see the window down in my hair
careful red dreams so hot necktie cries
Sweet – breath sublime
mamboing “huh” hook
buttonhole down
thumbs freezing dancing…

on and on

Pretend you slash kiss halfway through
that melody says clap
glance nothing pop
and the roaring cough heaves the dress up
wishing more to come
but nothing knocks out longing…

awkward wavering faltering stiff irresolution

editors note:

More than perpetual patter, this pick-up proposal portends paradise for a perennially patient person (he presumes). – mh clay

blank whops

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blank whops
abysmal frantic strays.

bevels the strident clamor

– dither, sip…
entangled thereafter.
sigh – odious,
an afterthought:

bellow and quack;

flap, flop, clap – slop –
kinkle vain plop:

the swish, the tick –
the fly rambles.

-blink`bat –
throbbing tired
plonks to shadow:
“twines smoke skew”…
quake void

tire beep dazzle
/ abash blast:

viscid whiff


editors note:

A full whop has a squish at the end of it; a satisfying, fly-death-dealing… squish. – mh clay

naught that vanquished

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that vanquished the awkward,
a solemn flat-line,
thought to be a cliffhanger…

…that particular kind
of silence
– where the response should be…

this lingering folly,
a vapid contortion of sorts –
written off nastily
while longing for else
on a whim of spelling it out.

editors note:

The unspoken, the else. Can’t quite put a finger on it… – mh clay

Musings on late night flirting…

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I saw an announcement of a film festival in Lviv.
It was about Psychodelic Cinema, but there were no real psychedelic films,
However, there was From Dusk ’til Dawn for some reason.
because this festival was by morons to morons.

i was chatting about it with the girl
with the starfleet insignia i wanted to take off
because…that’s not what the poem is about…

i was chatting about it with the girl
with the starfleet insignia i wanted to take off…
…and proposed my own version of psychedelic film marathon.
One film in particular had her attention
– it was Stay by Marc Forster.
And she wanted to watch it because i’ve mentioned it instead of Lynch’s Lost Highway.

Big deal, huh?

several hours later,
when i completely forgot about this conversation
and was in the midst of procrastinating writing of something
– she wrote “I’ve watched Stay and it wasn’t any Lynch, no-no”

And i was like (cue Julia’s Bison): “Of course!
What the hell was i thinking about when i claimed so?
Was it…a spin?”
I really thought about it for a moment or so.
It was really an engaging act of pointless musing…

And then i wrote:
“I wonder what will happen when you’ll watch Carpenter’s Dark Star.
I hope you’ll write to me something like “it wasn’t any Kubrick, no-no”…
because you know it reminds me of some kind of sacred cryptic spell…

(since this conversation was in ukrainian
that phrase sounded like: “noo ne kubryk, nye”
Which really sounds like a rongorongo spell)

…and if you spell it – it will cause something-something Leonard Bernstein.
I believe you have such powers.
Please Please Please Let Me Get What i Want!”

I’m still waiting for her reply.

editors note:

Yes, I think it was a Tuesday for me, too… – mh clay

eagerly waiting

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eagerly waiting for a moment
to be blatantly missed
and torn apart preemptively
deemed utterly superfluous…

CREAKING door sound
under the curtain.
“for your imagination.”

though futile.

sitting still.
thoughtless thoroughly.

guess i should stand up and pray for rain
so i can think then.
or something…

waste muscles its way through me
spurting clouds through any aperture it finds.
turns out – there are a lot of them.

it’s quite annoying.

goose flesh ensues,
eyeballs rolling…

editors note:

Apertures everywhere, not a towel in sight. – mh clay

with the hideous

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with the hideous leer
and the odious sound:
Crank the bubble –

when echo falls –
mouth the hum unjustly.

sky will foul you.

clang knees
snap below
into the breath’s mist
and lapse into unkind spot

– wait till something will occur…
wait until you swell…

and then – the timid tit
– swipes the heat
and rash ensues,

jib and jib and jib:

repentant yowl
sickly sentimental
into the inmost hollow.

down the lewd
through entrails to dissolve in vain.

editors note:

Emotional upheaval or acid indigestion? Take a pill for each and await results… – mh clay

Throng of balloons

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Throng of balloons
because of the pinch to be sure
something in the air happened in a silent way.

Some quail and tilt
and then:

Apt pear appears
all over the sudden
abruptly stopping gorgeous throes;

elliptic shadow
falls –
and bubbles
come up in the air
to fight with naughty cloud of balloons
before the sun
because ridiculous must come off big.

And then: the clash is so and so
and lots of fluff and knack and knack
So eyes get very weary,
blenching back behind the lids – whack!

And then it’s over,
barring tingle, tingle, dither, heat

to be thought and be mauled.

editors note:

Enthralled in this throng – “be thought, be mauled,” be dazzled. Whack! – mh clay


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for a very long time
i wanted to have a dictionary of synonymous words
simple reason – i want to know more
and it offers you an opportunity to speak just like you’re castin’ a spell

and so
few days ago
i visit a bookshop
and while wandering there
i see the book i wanted for so long:
Caravanskiy’s Practical Dictionary of Synonyms,
Fourth Edition.

And so i take this book
and go to the salesgirl

and she looks just like i feel:
– pencil skirt
– BJ-specs
– no bra
(but i saw the book called “Bra” near her)
And she smiles to me A LOT
in different manners:
– mock smile, shy smile, grateful smile, playful smile
and this famous enigmatic smirk
– she smiles so much – you can draw a study of smiling from her

– she has this strange presence
you know – something in her style that shows me
– there must be a Pulp song in the air

so i give her the book –
and she says:
“one moment, i’ll go to the backroom and look for another copy…”
She goes there
and resumes the conversation:

“…You know,
years ago –
when i was in high school –
i hated dictionaries
and always tried to tear them to pieces
and then kindly reassemble them into something more pleasant to me
you know – chaos reigns”

and i say “yeah, i know that”

and she laughs and returns from the backroom with another copy
and continues talking while holding the book before me:

“you know –
i still think
they make you go in circles
instead of moving forward –
i know it’s not my business
but i can have a certain kind of influence on your vocabulary experience…”

And so she takes a bottle with a blow-gun
and perfumes the book with some dizzy flavor

And then she gives it to me and says “Have fun”
indeed i have – A LOT –
I can’t flip a page without smelling it
and gettin’ really dizzy.

BUT i think it’s all right.

Now reading this dictionary is like diving
You need to hold your breath
You have a very limited amount of time
And you need to stay very focused –
You need to get to the point – period.

And somehow she knew i needed it.
I guess she got it just by looking in my eyes.

Another tremendous achievement of the kindness of strangers.
A weird manifestation of concern and care.

editors note:

Here’s to the joy of continuing education – and book shop smiles (We welcome Volodymyr to our crazy confab of Contributing Poets with this submission. Read more of his madness on his new page – check it out.) – mh clay