Viral ending

October 24, 2020  :: 0 comments

Lifted masks, brief kiss, on the lips.
Turned away, skipped some stones,

she went to tinkle (feel free to call it
urinate or pee). Once out of sight,

doubled back. I Purelled, waited,
dreamed, paced like a cat. She packed,

empties my place. Took can opener,
tuna tins, T-paper, stopper for the sink.

Left bleach, vacuum, blue vinyl gloves, a
stale bag of Lays, litter box to clean.

editors note:

Love’s dereliction or anti-social distancing? Two for one? – mh clay

New twist on the end

featured in the poetry forum August 1, 2020  :: 0 comments

Captive to an explosion happening,
each spark hitching a fling into blackness,
the light beside dazzled shadows

with shine and glow. Fire that had burned
at the core, a genesis of sorts,
streaked behind into universal night.

It would eventually pockmark time.
One trace remained, a fuse of coiled rope,
still embered, writhing on the tile floor.

editors note:

Keep your combustibles close, your extinguisher closer; or step back and let ‘er burn. – mh clay

Covert rainbow

featured in the poetry forum May 9, 2020  :: 0 comments

Light is not lithe, scientists say —
it has weight. So, time,
long, long known as a property

of gravity, too, may be packing
a few extra pounds.
Giddy with this knowledge,

I daydream a rainbow —
so voluptuous, so heavy,
her sides billow, spill

from the sky. Red, green,
indigo mix together, splash down
at both ends. Bluebirds find

gold worms, fill backpacks
with them, fly south early, retire.
I am hired as a janitor,

get paid double overtime,
work all night, clean up the mess.

editors note:

Better to keep your dream pristine, or to revel in your mess? – mh clay

The capes we wear

featured in the poetry forum February 14, 2020  :: 0 comments

Superman tattooed on one arm,
Batman taking up the other,

original Wonder Woman on thigh,
you leave her, heinous, behind,

steer for Montana, last best place
to escape. Wine in cooler, extra capes

in the trunk, you hum I’d do anything
for love
(but I won’t do that),

reach Missoula, Sula, Lost Trail Pass.
You batmobile hard into the Big Hole,

keep a lookout for evil in cutoffs.
Wisdom is a speck in the distance.

editors note:

Super smarts for the hero’s heart. But, keep your capes handy… – mh clay


featured in the poetry forum December 1, 2019  :: 0 comments

In another Coleridge dream,
my lithe python, eager

to please, slithers off
down the carpool lane.

Glides slow, pays the toll
takes the proper exit,

finds the store. She buys
chips, cheap beer, dip,

splurges on a Lycra skin.
Hemmed in at rush-hour,

she threads traffic, somehow
arrives home, brew still cold.

We toke, drink, eat all the treats.
I squeeze her tight again.

editors note:

S-s-s-such sweet suffocation. S-s-s-s-s-s-s-s… – mh clay

Shame remains

featured in the poetry forum September 14, 2019  :: 0 comments

Use a black marker to fester shadows,
call her ugly, scrawl hate on walls.

Dis me-too deeds, flame-throw
the homeless, flip off immigrants

from an SUV. Shoot up a mall,
join the Marines, shop for clothes.

Burn her panties after she goes,
call her whore in a Facebook post.

editors note:

Bad deeds done? Divert! Divert! – mh clay

Bible tweet

featured in the poetry forum May 15, 2019  :: 0 comments

To begin
God made it all
you know — Eve snake
Moses those laws the ark
manger Jesus
preach teach Judas
cross up he goes
to clean mansions
he’ll be back

editors note:

Trim your truth to short and sweet. – mh clay


featured in the poetry forum February 6, 2019  :: 0 comments

Lord of tunnels, I am free,
outside. A new man,
no longer in my dark period

of burning stalactites.
I fall in step beside her,
briefly desire to be back

inside, maybe after dinner.
Tonight, rain could mean
moist embers. Of course,

following good cognac
and a buttery dessert.
The black-leather love

she points at me excites
a deep urge to unholster
my shovel filled with volition.

editors note:

Dessert and double your entendre (as you will). – mh clay


featured in the poetry forum October 6, 2018  :: 2 comments

Go, pack, leave. Be past tense,
deceased. Party, travel — jungle,
ruins, desert, dirty beach.

Museums, monuments, ghettos
back East. Fly home, collapse,
die alone in the street.

Family circle, land, search
attic for gold, freezer for cash,
argue, fake grief. Lawyer, smooth,

likely to look up brewhaha,
find brouhaha, bill it as research,
write a new will, bill that too.

editors note: No peace with the rest in pieces. – mh clay

Like a fenced-in dog

featured in the poetry forum June 4, 2018  :: 0 comments

I’ll wear paths behind barbed wire, deep,
start a tunnel every three feet. Pit bull

waiting my chance — growl, howl, foam,
bite any hand holding a phone. I know

moist treats, meaty bones, all will be
distant memory once I escape,

hit the street. I’ll crap lawns, kill cats,
chase Amazon trucks, police, priests,

make veterinarians not charge a fee.
I’ll torture hydrants with angry pee.

editors note:

All us dogs are awaiting our chance. In the meantime… fetch! – mh clay