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In the seventh building, those mosquitoes persist,
Never skipping a sweltering summer’s day.
From morn to dawn, their presence we can’t resist,
Their dominion spreads in every nook and bay.

Robust and sturdy, these mosquitoes thrive,
Their shared trait, a testament to their might.
Indoors, like in a greenhouse, they’re more than alive,
Their bloodthirsty nature, an endless appetite.

Having witnessed academia’s grand facade,
They’ve acquired the intellect’s subtle flair.
No ordinary buzz, their silence a charade,
Even engorged, they stay quiet, free of care.

Scholars’ influence, perhaps, has had its way,
Turning each mosquito into a disguise-wearing ace.
Introverted and sly, they vanish without delay,
Feasting on blood, yet calmly within high walls they embrace.

editors note:

Even these are what they eat. – mh clay

2 Haiku: Mantis & Snake

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Orchid Mantis

Orchid mantis hides,
Camouflaged in flower’s bloom,
Love is now disguised.



Fidelity’s breath,
Snake’s molt to deceive in life,
Death is but the truth.

editors note:

Wonders to death, no wonder. – mh clay

Unrepaired Black Hole on the Podium

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For the university where I teach

I have to repeatedly confirm that you
Did not travel from a parallel time
And space to my classroom podium.

I walked close to you, haunted, perplexed,
Spying time and again into your depth,
Sighing over the darkness inside

You and the wriggling of cables,
intestines crowding and vanishing
In the unfathomable darkness of abdomen.

I have walked past you countless times, and
In the end, I can even safely step over you,
Without having to look at you or knowing

You are there. It is just that my curiosity,
My curiosity has always been attracted
By you and the obscurity beneath. Surprised

By your stubbornness and your dexterity, I
Marvel at how you mock the ambition
Of the whole world, how, after many semesters,

You remain, as fixedly as ever, holding
Your proud and mischievous eye to witness
The centennial celebration of a university.

editors note:

Step over or step through? (We welcome Tony to our crazy congress of Contributing Poets with this submission. Read more of his madness on his new page – check it out.) – mh clay

Morning Dew

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Sad morning dew falls
On parching crimson petals
Unnamed desires quenched

editors note:

This morning, anticipation was better unquenched. – mh clay


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There are ghost mantises, orchid mantises, dead leaf mantises,
Violin mantises, spotted eye mantises, mantises with name or no name.
He’s amazed at how adroitly they appear
the same as the things around them
But sad for their sense of ease
To become something they are not

Just for survival

editors note:

A bit of entomology in human sociology. Lovers beware! – mh clay