Haiku Obits

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richard brautigan
and the forty-four magnum—
“messy, isn’t it?”


weldon kees at
the golden gate bridge—
“i may go to mexico. to stay.”


steve richmond, sober,
dying alone in hospice—
no more gagaku


joe bolton—becky’s bed
“i want you to see this…”
the last nostalgia


everette maddox— maple
leaf bar— I hope it’s not
over, and good-by

editors note:

Poets gone but not forgotten. – mh clay

murder, machete, machine gun

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“my name is murder” he mumbled,
“i’m here to kill the haitians with
my machete. i’m going to cut
their fucking heads off.”

“okay” i said, “good thing
i’m greek.”

he laughed and asked if
i had a machine gun

“no i don’t” i said

“that’s too bad”

he shook my hand and
walked down toward the
other patients’ bedrooms,
blasting them with his
invisible machine gun
before disappearing into
his room and screaming

i went back to my desk
and began to eat my lunch

editors note:

Empty that clip (invisibly), then a light lunch before the NY festivities. – mh clay

old man behind a cemetery

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I watched an
old man
drag two
sleeping bags
into the
behind a cemetery
and I watched
as his
into the woods.

I sat for
a while
if I
check in
on him or
call the police
but instead
I read
a book.

editors note:

When one story beats another. (We welcome Tohm to our crazy congress of Contributing Poets with this submission. Read more of his madness on his new page – check it out.) – mh clay

my cat watches in silence

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my cat watches in silence
as i pace midnight floors of agony
and trace shadows with stiff fingers
and lean against painted walls

my cat watches in silence
as i take post at the dirty window
and gaze at the ivory moon
and examine validity of memories

my cat watches in silence
as i dance with madness and terror
and talk to ghosts unseen
and work through ideas not yet formed

my cat watches in silence
as i walk the dark hallways
and whisper words aloud
and begin to slow down

my cat watches in silence
and without judgment
and awaits the snap of my fingers
calling her to bed at last

editors note:

On the brink of pandemic panic, feline friends bring peace in a purr. Sleep well. – mh clay

all the angels sing

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smoke disappears
on a porch
in the rain
and further
leads to
dreams of
could have

editors note:

Hold your breath; extend the song… – mh clay