Shaman Drum

featured in the poetry forum February 13, 2016  :: 0 comments

Rain falling on Tibetan roads emulates
The percussion of the shaman drum.

Born of the melody
The Tingri winds hum.

Born of the kamala trees
where gold hornets thrum.

Born of the stream rushing
Beneath a wild plum.

editors note:

Nice beat, different drummer. – mh clay


featured in the poetry forum August 1, 2015  :: 2 comments

A helix of flames spiraled in your eyes today,
As a soothsayer spoke of your demise today.

Beneath Thracian tombs defiled by Romans
Djinns scour crypts seething with flies today.

Mystics decipher koans whispered
In zephyrs rife with lisps & sighs today.

Plumes of smoke are roiling above pyres
From where flocks of phoenixes rise today.

Clans of nomads are possessed by demons
Sages were dispatched to exorcise today.

Cassandra dreams of ships gliding on waves of fire-
An omen of war the sea’s repose belies today.

A wraith’s shrieks reverberate through caverns
In an echo the raving wind amplifies today.

The immense shadows of soaring wings melt
As condors are subsumed in the sunrise today.

The litanies of prophets are echoing in caves
As whirlwinds form in Elijah’s eyes today.

editors note:

A lot’s happening today. Poets, pay attention. – mh clay

The Narrows

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Dolmens cast massive shadows in the narrows,
From where funnel clouds once rose in the narrows.

The wings of mynah birds shed pulsing sparks
In a cloud of ash that billows in the narrows.

Cotton grass is silvered with frosted dew
Where glistening fog flows in the narrows.

Moths dove into the flames of stone lanterns
As the shadows of wraiths rose in the narrows.

Like quivering wings, brittle leaves rise
In gales laced with echoes in the narrows.

Shafts of starlight flicker as sibyls rise
Like mist from shallows in the narrows.

Wisps of moonlit fog encircle the ferry
A cloaked figure rows in the narrows.

Pike shine like steel knives, gliding
Through sunlit shallows in the narrows.

editors note:

Fat happenings in a skinny place… – mh

[The thunderclaps of chariot cavalries]

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The thunderclaps of chariot cavalries
Routed in the Peloponnesian war persist.

The knocks made by wind hurling rocks
On a citadel’s massive door persist.

The screeches of wraiths reverberating
Within a torch-lit corridor persist.

Voices whispering in the churning
Dust on a castle’s floor persist.

Prisms emitted from crystals lodged
In shards of cobalt ore persist.

The muffled chants of phantasms
Traversing an icy moor persist.

The howls of skulls formed of smoke
From Mauna Loa’s volcanic core persist.

Winds roaring in the tombs of gladiators
Massacred in the Cimbrian war persist.

The echoes of Circe raving
On a desolate shore persist.

editors note:

Poets cannot cease and desist when damn near everything persists. – mh

The Rages

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Words whir like insects from books in a pyre,
Swarming in smoke as burning pages rage.

Suns resplendent with gold coronas blaze
With fires that through galactic ages rage.

The swirls of Jupiter’s cyclonic storms burst
In prismatic fires that through ages rage.

In the Gobi golden whirlwinds laced
With the voices of chanting sages rage.

Screeches & demonic voices emitted
From The Necronomicon’s pages rage.

Wings flail amid raucous cackles
As frenzied ravens in their cages rage.

editors note:

Noise makers from cradle to grave; we’re all the rage… – mh