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Efficiency of the memoriter ingress
allows you to come calling as easily
as another niggle of myself. Rain hits
upon me, in doing so it robs me of
my right to say, No. This is Nature’s
way, kowtow or kaput. Ocean, an
oriel away gurgles and giggles to
share finespun specks of its latest
amour. I listen: it leavens.

editors note:

“kowtow or kaput” – couldn’t have said it better. Thanks, Sanjeev! – mh clay


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Pratfalls stoic like saints leave me
with doctrines I pooh-pooh as I
saunter directionless. Unlike me
querists are quick learners. My
body leans on you, social setups
chide me for this pose. In its slant
is my smile. I’ve no time to mull:
can there be another flexure?
This sigmoid is for me.

editors note:

…and the whole world smiles with you. – mh clay


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We tote excess of existence like dreams
taut with defeat. Truth that erupted was
buried in my briefcase, alcohol was an
enabler. Our style sheet was impaired.
Like statutes it was open to interpretations.
As poets we compounded the causatum.
Ambidextrous lovers are the most loved.
Or the least. Those who seem to please
everyone, please no-one. Their goal is
their goat.

editors note:

And, here; our goat is got. (We welcome Sanjeev to our crazy congress of Contributing Poets with this submission. Read more of his madness on his new page – check it out.) – mh clay


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Before your spousals, you and my only niece flew
in for few nights. Prior to our intro I had briefed
myself: you had to be liked. Between stiff vodkas,
kickshaws and some conversation I was beaming:
first part of your prothalamion was buzzing in my
brain. Beauty is in blending, the ecumenical is an
edifier. What about fragrance of the familiar?
Should it be snubbed?

editors note:

A few good belts to sweeten the song; familiar from strange. – mh clay


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Sluicing in the runnel of your ruminations
a collage of close-ups pinwheels
through mental frontiers. I smile
a smile whose breadth demonstrates
your depth. Your watermark splashes
when through the light of alone time
I notice how well-lit you left me.

I connect emotions and their effulgence
with the young. But look at me, at this
vintage. Does freshness of feelings infuse
newishness? When in fuss and flap of
love, curiosities about a lover are a curse.
Whatever one knows is less. Wavelength
of vacancies help erase mackled edges.

editors note:

The relic recapitulates his relevance. – mh clay